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The EXPERIENCE becomes a reality!

Before the conception of the TELKOM BUSINESS GARY PLAYER GOLF EXPERIENCE the Vodacom World of Golf had “just another academy” as its teaching arm.

When the new name was under consideration, the word “experience” was the hope of becoming more than just another academy - a holistic game improvement solution of international class, committed to uplifting teaching norms in South Africa.

With great pride, the TELKOM BUSINESS GARY PLAYER GOLF EXPERIENCE can now announce that it has completed the circle with the launching of the GARY PLAYER GOLF FITNESS CENTRE & THE GARY PLAYER TECHLAB…


GARY PLAYER GOLF FITNESS CENTRE in collaboration with HPC, University of Pretoria

The first golf-specific physical training facility of its kind in SA, the GARY PLAYER GOLF FITNESS CENTRE at the VODACOM WORLD OF GOLF offers free basic golf functionality screenings to members. Based on a simple three-point assessment of essential ranges of motion specifically required to execute the golf swing, members are provided with a golf-specific training program, designed to improve the key areas of golf fitness, namely stability, mobility, balance and posture.

Members need only call or visit the GARY PLAYER GOLF EXPERIENCE hospitality desk (011 545 8618)  to make an appointment for their free screening with one of our GARY PLAYER GOLF FITNESS PROFESSIONALS, who are qualified in the fields of sports science and bio-kinetics and represent the collaboration between the Vodacom World of Golf and the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria. There is no doubt that this service provides new meaning to the MOREGOLF promise of “Helping friends play better golf” – it is now internationally accepted that golfers of all standards can vastly enhance their golfing capabilities with just three training sessions per week.

The CENTRE offers a range of additional products, such as a comprehensive, personalised golf fitness assessment and a private golf fitness consultation.

Please click here for our current pricing structure…


From a technical viewpoint, the brand new analysis centre, presented by the GARY PLAYER GOLF EXPERIENCE at the VODACOM WORLD OF GOLF is unsurpassed in South Africa, with specifically accredited Gary Player professionals offering no less than SIX state-of-the-art analysis systems for the total game improvement solution…

  • Dynamic Balance System-DB– force plates measure weight distribution at address and weight transfer throughout the swing.
  • V1 Pro swing analysis software–real time video feedback, with all the traditional measuring & comparison tools.
  • i-Club Body Motion System- provides new ways to view and understand human motion during a golf swing with 3-D models graphically tracking spine angle, hip & shoulder rotation and the X-factor (ability to rotate the upper body against a stable bottom half).
  • i-Club Full Swing System– provides new ways to view and understand club motion during the golf swing.
  • FlightScope Tracking Technology– measures swing statistics, including vital info for teachers, like swing speed, launch angle and much more.  
  • SAMs PuttLab – The complete putting solution - analyzes the  28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports.

A 2-hour comprehensive evaluation is required as an introduction to the GARY PLAYER TECHLAB.

This will produce as comprehensive a set of data as can be found – ideal for your Gary Player professional to work with and a must for serious golfers!

Also available are 1-hour follow-up sessions, which focus on corrective drill re-enforcement in real-time. Please click here for our current pricing structure…

For any further information or enquiries, please contact Danny Baleson on 27 82 807 2016, or mail him on