Gary's Message

"I am delighted to have this opportunity to give something back to the game of golf through the Gary Player Golf Experience.

I look forward to sharing my recipe for success with individuals at the The World of Golf.

At the Gary Player Golf Experience we recognise and address the three key dimensions of the golf puzzle by concentrating on the mental approach to the game, the physical fitness and by building a solid golf swing with its many shot variations.

Given that 70% of all shots are played within 60 yards of the hole, we focus on the improvement of the short game. The outstanding training facilities and structured teaching programs of the Gary Player Golf Experience will provide the student with an opportunity to improve his/her game.

At the Gary Player Golf Experience you learn while having fun. A student will not only have the means to demonstrate immediate improvement, but will also have the tools to better his/her golf game for as long as they play the game."

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