Devan Chetty

Dear Richard & Dave

I joined the Gary Player Fitness Centre in June 2007 and delighted to advise as follows: 

In September 2007 I played several rounds of golf and my driving distance off the tee increased by 20 to 30 metres on that trip to Durban.

I continued to work out approx 3 times per week and played several rounds of golf in Durban during the Christmas holidays and noticed I obtained

Increased distances of up to 40 metres. I even surprised myself when few of my drives were 60 mts further than my pre-fitness days.

I struggled for years to obtain increased distances and can only attribute these increased distances to fitness. I have increased flexibility, a bigger shoulder turn and increased stamina. Furthermore I am striking the ball solidly and constantly. I had difficulty hitting my 5 wood off the fairway and now this is a favourite club in my bag.

When I stand on the fairway I feel strong and balanced and have confidence to hit this club.

Prior to joining the fitness centre like most amateurs when we get to about the 15th hole we are tired and counting the number of holes left for the round to finish.

I now have stamina to complete the round, in fact the 1 occasion the course was quiet and I played a further 9 holes. 

I am writing this article so that fellow golfers who want to enjoy their golf, hit the ball further and make solid ball contact, and prevent injuries should seriously consider joining the fitness centre.

We may know what is required to produce a good golf swing but if the body can not perform the moves we will never swing the club properly. 

I realised that GOLF doesn’t keep you fit; you need to be fit to play golf. We have to be in “Golf Shape” 

To Quote from PGA professionals Mike Adams & T J Tomasi “The stronger your muscles, the greater the pulling force, and so the harder and faster you can swing the club. Further, the stronger your golf related muscles are, the better able you are to hold your body in the positions required during the golf swing. This means that, over time, you will hit the ball more solidly and, therefore, further. Research has shown that if you stop working out, your capabilities are significantly diminished within 2 – 4 weeks.” 

I wish I had this knowledge of being in Golf Shape 5 years ago.

Devan Chetty

Alan Chappell

Dear Ian,

Thank you for an excellent program! At the end of the strength program I am now using 25 pound barbells!  This was my third TPI program assigned by you and I have been working hard to meet the deadlines and to complete the programs as scheduled.

I have improved a great deal and this is reflecting in my golf game - more consistent and even hitting my drives a few yards longer. My hips and lower back have loosened up considerably and I now have an easier and fuller back swing. I will be in Jo'burg around May 2011 and will be keen to get a re-assessment of my golf fitness - I think I've come a long way.

In the mean time, can you send me the next TPI program.  An area that I am also working on is to strengthen my lower back and abs to begin a stronger hip rotation (not slide) on the downswing - ahead of the shoulders and arms to create more lag.  

Perhaps you have some exercises for this.  Is throwing a medicine ball a good exercise for this? I look forward to receiving the new program.

Thanks again and all the best.”

Alan Chappell,

Ajay Jekison

Good day Danny Baleson

I am sure that a letter of this nature does not come as any surprise to you and your team.

I joined World of Golf and enrolled into the Golf4All program where i participated in group lessons with 5 other individuals that have never held a golf club until 6 weeks ago.

Following my experience in Golf4All, I brought along two of my close friends to join World of Golf, who also registered for Golf4All and thoroughly enjoy the facility and all it has to offer.

I have taken the time to bring to your attention, the dedication and commitment that Eddie Jackson has shown to our group. I played golf for two years prior to joining World of Golf, and it is during my time with Eddie that I can genuinely see an improvement in my game.

The other members of the group are showing exponential improvements in the game and this is primarily due to the efforts and dedication of Eddie to help us all improve.

Leonell, who co-ordinates and schedules our sessions is absolutely great and always willing to help and, whilst I am sure the entire team strives to deliver a great service, it is Eddie that is an absolute star. He will come over and greet whenever he sees any of us around and is always offering advice and assistance whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Thanking you again for providing a professional venue, great service and a superb experience at the Gary Player Golf Experience.

Best regards

Ajay Jekison
Group CEO

Vanessa Hattingh


Please pass on my thanks to Stephan and Leonell for their patience last week, by doing a theory lesson while I was recovering from my op. Thanks! ?

I must say I am very impressed with the service received in the short while we’ve been attending Golf4All lessons at World of Golf ?

Much appreciated!

Risk and Compliance
Rand Merchant Bank

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